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CBS System Requirements

CBS is designed for professional production work. The system requirements listed below are based on the assumption that businesses are replacing their computer hardware on an approximate three-year rotating basis. While our software may operate on less powerful hardware, we do not believe it will perform at a level suitable for production work. Of course, as processing speed and amount of RAM are increased, software performance will also improve.
bulletAn Intel Pentium� or Celeron (any generation) processor, or an AMD� K-series or Athlon
(any generation) processor.
bullet64MB RAM or more is recommended.
bulletA CD-ROM drive, or a access to a CD-ROM drive for software installation (NOTE: not required for ASP clients).


SVGA monitor, capable of 256 colors and 800 x 600 resolution or higher is required. We recommend a monitor 17 or larger, with minimum requirement of 15�.


We recommend a 28,800 or faster baud modem for use with the CBS Connect electronic communications system.


A Windows� 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP compatible laser or inkjet printer.

Network Requirements

CBS modules are not available in a multi-user version; however, CBS can be installed in a network environment. Only one user at a time can access the, company data.

Achieve optimum performance by periodically updating your software.

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