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CBS Paycheck

CBS PayCheck makes it easy for you to process payroll for your employees and provide accurate timely data to us for quarterly reports and year-end tasks such as W-2 and 1099 reporting. Using CBS Check Writer and CBS PayCheck in combination completely automates the payroll checkwriting and reporting process—saving you significant time and effort.
With CBS PayCheck, you can accomplish payroll tasks quickly and easily—entering the details about hours worked, salary changes, and employee status changes—giving you more time to manage your business. CBS PayCheck enables you to:

Print Employee Payroll Checks and Save Significant Time and Money

bulletAutomate your entire payroll process, making it more accurate and less time-consuming.
bullet Print checks on any blank check stock and review checks and all calculations directly from the data entry window before printing.  
bullet Automatically calculate pre-tax deductions, gross pay, withholdings, and net pay for hourly employees by simply entering the number of regular, overtime, and double-time hours.
Customize Your Software to Meet Your Unique Needs
bullet Set up CBS PayCheck, with our help, to create the system that works best for you.
bullet Ensure payroll security—configure different security settings for various individuals responsible for data entry in your office.
bullet Provide accurate, automatically updated employee payroll data in electronic format to us each month.
bullet Enter various tax withholding, deductions, exemptions, allowances, and tax credits to meet a variety of your employee payroll needs.
Use Reports to Manage Your Business Effectively

Several detailed reports come with the CBS PayCheck module. The reporting capabilities within CBS PayCheck offer helpful, informative data, based on all your payroll transactions, which fully support thorough analysis of your payroll functions. Detailed reports offered in CBS PayCheck include:

bulletEarnings Report
bulletEarnings Summary
bulletEmployee List
bulletPayCheck Printed Check List
bulletPayroll Journal
bulletDeductions List*
bulletUnprinted Checks List
bulletPayCheck Items List
bulletPayCheck Items Report
bulletWorkers’ Compensation Report
bulletEmployee Benefits Report
With CBS PayCheck, you can generate calculating payroll checks and reports - enter the details about hours worked, salary changes, and employee status changes.

Experience CBS PayCheck’s Robust Functionality and Ensure Maximum Productivity

CBS PayCheck is an intuitive application that enables you to easily speed through your payroll processes and produce accurate and detailed results. A powerful and comprehensive module, CBS PayCheck offers you all standard CBS features and flexibility, along with the ability to:

bulletReview all calculated amounts onscreen before printing the check.
bulletAdd employee data on-the-fly using an onscreen pop-up window.
bulletUse optional withholding settings to accommodate employees who want to withhold at higher rates.
bulletEnter a specific tax withholding percentage for a data entry session or on a check-by-check basis for bonus check preparation.
bulletDefine deduction items based on the total number of hours worked.
bulletSet up templates of default information to facilitate setting up new employees.
bulletHandle pre-tax deductions sequentially to exclude the first deduction from the basis of the second one.
bulletPrint checks directly from the data entry window.
bulletSend reports (payroll journals, employee listings, earnings reports) to us via email.
bulletPrint only the specific pay and withholding items that apply to each employee on their paychecks—instead of all items on the check layout.
bulletFind specific transactions or view all transactions through the on-screen context list.

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