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CBS Checkwriter

CBS CheckWriter automates your checkwriting process and gives you a continual, up-to-the-minute record of your checkbook balances. CBS Check Writer is intuitive and easy to use�significantly reducing your learning curve.
WithCBS CheckWriter you will:

Print Professional Checks, Save Significant Time, and Minimize Tedious Tasks

bulletPrint checks individually or in hatches with or without reports.
bulletOpen multiple checking accounts at one time while working.
bulletUse memorized transactions to quickly reproduce periodic transactions.
bulletAdd information on-the-fly during data entry for new accounts, employees, and vendors.

Attach Electronic Notes to Your Transactions to Ensure that They are Recorded Correctly

If you have a question about entering any transaction, CBS allows you to attach an electronic note as you are entering data to explain an entry or ask a question. When we review your transactions, these notes will signal us immediately that we need to give special attention to a particular item.

Most off-the-shelf software packages do not allow you to ask questions or note problems dur�ing data entry. CBS�s electronic Accountant�s Notes help to ensure that the data we receive is correct and not just your �best guess.'

Customize Your Software to Meet Your Unique Needs

bulletSet up CBS CheckWriter, with our help, to create the system that works best for you.
bullet Distribute deposits and check amounts to as many accounts as needed.
bulletEnter and print both regular checks and non-calculating payroll checks from as many as twenty different checking accounts.

Maintain Constant, Up-to-the-Minute Views of Your Checkbook Balance

bulletRecord all account activity quickly and easily: hank deposits; ATM activity; bank debits, credits, and transfers.
bulletMaintain running balances. You can also view �tentative balances� for checks that have not yet been printed.

Use Reports to Manage Your Business Effectively

CBS Check Writer enables you to select and print several types of reports at anytime. The reporting capabilities within CBS CheckWriter offer helpful, informative data, based on all your system transactions. These reports fully support thorough analysis of your cash usage and sources, and aid in sound business decisions. Reports include:

bulletCheckbook Register
bulletDeposits List
bulletEmployee List
bulletUnprinted Checks Journal Entry List
bulletPrinted Payroll Checks List
bulletUnprinted Checks List
bulletOther Bank Item List
bulletTransaction List
bulletSkipped Check Numbers List
bulletChart of Accounts
bulletPrinted Checks List
bullet Journal Entries List
bulletReconciliation Report
bulletUnprinted Payroll Checks List
bulletVendor List
Experience CBS CheckWriter�sRobust Functionality and Ensure Maximum Productivity

The powerful and robust features and functionality offered in CBS Check Writer will help you quickly and efficiently process all your bank activity. With CBS Check Writer you can:

bulletMaintain an unlimited amount of historical data.
bulletSet up vendors to quickly produce checks by simply listing the vendor as a payee.
bulletChoose from predefined check layouts provided with the software or customize your own check layout with MICR encoding, logos, and signatures.
bulletPrint one or multiple checks instantly.
bulletReview all amounts onscreen before printing the check.
bulletUse the online check register to quickly recall any transaction.

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