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CBS Accounts Receivables

CBS Accounts Receivable enables you to:

Have a More Accurate Picture of Your Cash Flow

bulletEdit account information at any time to maintain accurate accounting of all your sales activity.
bulletApply data filters to easily sort and analyze transactions. For example, you can sort transaction information for a specific customer or view all transactions with open balances.
bulletEdit transaction records, remove customer payments as needed, and enter invoices and cash receipts after-the-fact to maintain accurate accounting of all sales activity.
bulletGenerate reports to determine your current receivables status at any time.

Save Time and Minimize Tedious Tasks

bulletAutomate your receivables to reduce repetitive tasks and reduce work hours.
bulletProduce customized invoices and statements efficiently using preset customer data— with no need to re-key information in each billing cycle.
bulletGroup and sort data quickly and easily to locate needed information—don’t waste time with tedious account-by-account searching.
bulletChoose from numerous predefined invoice forms to ‘jump start” your billing process — no need to start with a blank page.
bulletSelect the date range for statements to control the exact information presented or reprint a prior period statement for customers who request it.

Customize Your Software to Meet Your Unique Needs

bulletSet up CBS Accounts Receivable, with our help, to create the system that works best for you.
bulletSet up client-specific pop-up prompts to provide general information while viewing any client’s information.
bulletProcess an unlimited number of customers with an unlimited number of invoices per month—make your system work for you.
bulletCreate customized invoices to show as much or as little detail as needed, including aging, balance forward, and any payment detail.
bulletMaintain an unlimited number of historical transactions.

Use Reports to Manage Your Business Effectively

CBS Accounts Receivable enables you to choose from several reports (including report activity from historical periods) to help make accurate, successful business decisions. Run a predefined or customized report at any time to review the status of accounts and maintain an ongoing and up-to-date view of all your transactions. Reports include:

bulletAR Transactions List
bulletAging Schedule
bulletCustomer Ledger
bulletAR Deposit Journal
bulletCustomer List
bulletInvoice/Payment List
bulletInvoice Items List
bulletSales by Item/Service
bulletSales Report
bulletSales Tax Report
bulletCash Receipts Projection
bulletMemorized Transaction List
Experience CBS Accounts Receivable's Robust Functionality and Ensure Maximum Productivity
bulletManaging your accounts receivable activity is easy, using the automated features and comprehensive functionality offered in CBS Accounts Receivable You can:
bulletDesignate information to appear on invoices, such as program-calculated finance charges, aging messages, sales taxes, and freight costs.
bulletIncorporate transaction detail and account status information on invoice forms or create invoices without item detail.
bulletEnter pending transactions for review before accepting the data as “final.
bulletMaintain separate mailing and billing addresses.
bulletMaintain unlimited transaction history to analyze/monitor sales and customer activity.
bulletAutomatically apply payments based on invoice date or open amount, or manually apply multiple customer payments to one or more invoices.
bulletUnapply a payment from an invoice at any time.
bulletDeposit a customer payment to multiple checking accounts or to cash expenditures.
bulletCreate unlimited standard transactions for use with any number of customers.

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