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CBS Accounts Payable

CBS Accounts Payable enables you to automate management of your accounts payable and offers you an ongoing and complete picture of your payable accounts to help you successfully manage your business, take advantage of early payment discounts, avoid late payment penalties, and effectively manage your available cash.

Using CBS Accounts Payable, you can:

More Effectively Manage Your Cash Flow

bulletDesignate fixed expenses as recurring payables to automatically notify you of payment dates�never miss another payables date, pay late fees, or miss out on early payment discounts.
bulletTake maximum advantage of vendor discounts for an unlimited number of modifiable discount terms.
bulletCBS Accounts Payable automatically calculates discounts and net payable amounts, based on dollar amounts or percentages.
bulletPrint detailed vendor history to negotiate more favorable terms.
bulletGenerate management reports to determine your current payables status at any time.

Customize Your Software to Meet Your Unique Needs

bulletSet up CBS Accounts Payable, with our help, to create the system that works best for you.
bulletGenerate payable items automatically for recurring payables, eliminating the need for additional data entry.
bulletAutomatically track payroll liabilities when used with CBS PayCheck.
bulletMaintain an unlimited number of historical transactions.

Save Significant Time and Minimize Tedious Tasks

bulletAutomate your accounts payable tasks�minimizing data re-entry and manual effort.
bulletDirectly access check printing from the payables data entry window.
bulletConsolidate an unlimited number of payables to be paid with one check or multiple checks�don�t waste time entering and printing individual checks.
bulletAutomate your payables system to minimize time investment.

Use Reports to Manage Your Business Effectively

Many reporting options are available, in both summary and detail formats, to help you manage your cash flow more effectively. You can create an accounts payable report at any time in order to support key management decisions and communicate important financial information to staff that require it. Reports included in the CBS Accounts Payable module include:

bullet Aging Schedule
bullet Cash Requirements
bullet Purchases Journal
bullet Vendor Activity Report
bullet Vendor List
bullet AP Transactions List
Automate management of your accounts payable and take advantage of early payment discounts, avoid late payment penalties, and effectively manage your available cash.
Experience CBS Accounts Payable�s Robust Functionality and Ensure Maximum Productivity

An innovative, easy-to-use bookkeeping system, CBS Accounts Payable offers you a clear picture of what is owed to vendors and when payments are due�completely automating your payables process. Comprised of several robust features and remarkably simple navigation, CBS Accounts Payable enables you to:

bullet Record payables, track cash requirements, and produce aging reports.
bullet Reduce data entry by automatically using vendor default information once it has been entered.
bullet Handle vendor-issued credit memos.
bulletAccommodate handwritten checks and cash payments after-the-fact.
bulletDistribute payable amounts to an unlimited number of general ledger accounts per check.
bulletHandle payments for which only a portion of the amount is reportable on Form 1099.
bulletEasily accommodate unlimited distributions and payments per invoice.
bulletOverride pre-calculated information at any time to accommodate special circumstances, such as a change in discount amount.
bulletDesignate stub regions for presentation of details, including invoice listings as well as applied payment or credit information.
bulletTrace checks to source payables with a single mouse click.

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